HANDY-VIB ... The industries smallest, lightweight, easy to use "production tool". Sometimes battery power is just not good enough!

At ISKCO our goal is to supply the highest quality vibration equipment available. In addition to our in house manufacturing we partner with the top companies from around the world to insure that you are getting the latest technology and designs in vibration equipment. Our manufacturing quality, assembly and supply of OEM products is second to none. From small hoppers to mass placement dam construction vibration, ISKCO is your answer.



Our complete line of construction vibration equipment. High frequency, Flex Shaft & mass placement vibrators as well as the Maruzen line of hydraulic concrete breakers & tools.


Our complete line of vibration equipment and custom built forms for the precast concrete industry. North America exclusive supplier of Toyota Forms.


Our complete line of electric vibrators, pneumatic ball vibrators and pneumatic piston vibrators for all your industrial vibration applications.

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World of Concrete 2022

Jan 18-20th

Sorry we had to miss the show but we are still honoring the HANDY-VIB show special pricing of $499.00 (+ shipping) for any model of HANDY-VIB

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The Precast Show (NPCA) 2022

March 3-5th

Booth 1843

Kansas City, MO

HANDY-VIB show special pricing!!

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