EXEN Corporation

EXEN Corporation (Japan) has over 100 years experience in the vibrator industry. They are considered the world leader in external, internal, high frequency, dam construction, any and all types of vibration equipment.

Toyota Kohki – KYNCO Forms

Toyota Kohki (Japan) designers and manufacturers of custom built precast forms, precast plant design and concrete delivery systems has over 50 years of experience which allows them to provide the highest quality precast forms available in the industry world wide.  Sold exclusively in the United States via KYNCO Forms (located at ISKCO).  Productivity and efficiency are the keys to Toyota forms…open, close, strip and set up faster than any form in the industry.  You have heard the stories…”YES, they are WATER TIGHT!”  Contact KYNCO forms at 501-812-0220 or email to kbreeding@iskco.com